söndag 2 augusti 2015

have not really had time to write here

hello its been a while :/ 

but i have done a cople of videos from hardline you can check them out here .  

and hope you like :)   

and my shoulderis getting better and better, so i struggle on :) 




fredag 17 juli 2015

Still trying to get sniper licens aw and R700 on hardline

Its going really slowly, I've lost a bit of the feeling of sniping.

So i have trying to get some Zipline kills :) to do this assigment.

And i have played some BF4 to 

onsdag 15 juli 2015

The new video 
been a little byssi 

And here is the intro for the youtube channel
What do you think? 

Have a smurfy day :)

fredag 10 juli 2015


today i have tried to figure out how imovie works, its a bit trixi when you been working in windows al of youre life.
and this is my first time whit a macbook.
so this video is the first one whit IMovie, like i said.

Hopefully they get better with time ;)

  • so what do think? 
  • And do you have any suggestions how i can work whit it?
This is what i have to work on now!

I do like it, only i will figure out al features. 
Are there any other good video editing software? Then you have to let me know :) 

peace out

torsdag 9 juli 2015

went to hell

This evening's playing, was really shitty. I got killed Every time I respawned.

so I hope it goes better tomorrow night. So I get up my sniper kills sometime son.

What is the best gamemode to play when you need lots of kills whit sniper rifle? 

What do you people think??
Hit me up whit some suggestions!!

and on the right side  you can vote for the sniper you like best in hardline, please do so :) 

onsdag 8 juli 2015

Sniper assigment 2

Thats my next goal, i need the licens for 1 sniper rifle first before i can begin whit the sniper assigment 2! 
And that meens alot of kills whit wma Or R700 LTR. 
So its just to suck it in and do so :) 

Have a nice day 

comment your thoughts here!!

tisdag 7 juli 2015

Rented a server on BFH

I have a server for battlefield hardline, the gamemode on it is blood money, whit al the new mapp + the old maps i like.
the problem is how do you get people to join the server
I hade a cople of games whit full server but now its almost emty al the time. 

Of Corse the server namn is smurfen :)

And i play on ps4 so you know :)

Comment your Opinions! !